An orchestra, a large instrumental ensemble used in classical music.

At my training these past few days I was able to listen to a Philharmonic.

What did I learn?

I learned that an orchestra needs all different instruments.

I learned there is only ONE conductor.

I learned each instrument group needs to be strong knowing their part, BUT also needs to understand of the other instruments part in the music.

I learned that when an orchestra plays together and does all the things above, they can make AMAZING music.

The orchestra is your life.

The instruments are your friends, family and other important things.

YOU are the only conductor.

So…find YOUR song.

Play to your OWN beat.

Find all the RIGHT instruments.

And finally make the music you want to sway and dance too.  Make the music that makes you cry and lifts you up.  Make the music of your life the most beautiful thing you have ever heard, and you will never leave disappointed.


This may be a very emotional blog.  Why?   JMT.

So, what is JMT?  JMT stands for John Maxwell Team.

I am a certified John Maxwell Life Coach, Speaker and Trainer.  I received my certification in August of 2015.  John Maxwell needs no introduction but if you want to know more about him, google him.  Or better yet, go out and purchase his book “The 21 irrefutable Laws of Leadership.”

Why did I join JMT?  I know there are many who want to know this answer, so here you go. The simple answer is, I wanted to grow.  No, not taller.  I am 5 foot 7 inches and I am fine with that.  No, not wider….just no.  I wanted to grow inside my heart, mind and my soul.

My career has always been in computers.  Computers are logical.  You write computer software code and most times they will do what you want them too.  I say most because I am a software quality assurance analyst, which means I try to find the places the code breaks.  When computer software breaks, you can fix it.  You can re-write the code to do what you want it to do.

May 9th, 2012.  My heart broke.  My confidence in myself broke.  My faith in life and God…broke. None of those things are logical.  I have slowly put my heart, confidence and faith back together.  I have been extraordinarily blessed with those who have helped me along the way.  I joined JMT so I could grow but also learn how to help others put those things we cannot visually see back together.

In August 2015, I do not think I wrote a blog about the conference.  Today I start a series of a few blogs to bring you along the journey that is John Maxwell.

I am in the middle of the 2nd official day, I was here a day early for a special day, and here are a few nuggets of what I have learned.

1) Status quo is just that.  It is the EXISTING state of affairs.

2) It is SO much better to do things together.  Two people can do so much more than one.

3) I need to watch Evan Almighty again.

4) If you have to let a dream die, do not let it kill you.

5) Orchestra music can not only bring me to tears, but it can teach me a very VALUABLE lesson about life.

Stay tuned as I take you along my JMT Journey.


In honor of my 37 years of life.

Today I give you the 37 things I have learned in my life in no particular order.

1)  Perspective is everything.

2) The golden rule is just that…golden.

3) Detours are great adventures.

4) Sometimes it is necessary to “hug it out.”

5) Laughter can make everything OK.

6) Grief is hard.

7) It feels good to help people.

8) It is OK to let go.

9) If it look like a duck, walks like a duck, sounds like a duck…it is probably a duck.

10) Watching people do what they love is intoxicating.

11) I don’t like pop.

12) It is OK to be happy.

13) Sports mode in a car = speeding ticket.

14) When people show you who they are, believe them.

15) Life is never easy, but it is always worth it.

16) I will never find a perfect temperature for the house.

17) My family is awesome.

18) Life is short.

19) I read people’s energy really well.

20) Children are amazing.

21) I have amazing friends.

22) Jealousy does no good for anyone.

23) Something that is broken, can be put back together.

24) I like to take lots of pictures.  Like…ALOT.

25) I will most likely retire in Florida.

26) Dance music makes me happy

27) Clutter is not good for the soul.

28) Tears heal

29) It is an honor to be called to help people

30) I can forgive.  I cannot forget.

31) Stepping on a metal Thomas the Train hurts.

32) I will never stop learning

33) It’s not what you know, it is who.

34) Do not burn a bridge you wish to cross again.

35) To-do lists are essential to get things done.

36) I can and will do anything I put my mind too.

37) Life is amazing.

There…37 things I have learned in my life thus far.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  Those people in my life have made me who I am today.  I walk forward into year 37 one year older and one year wiser.

Love to all.