Thank you

The other day, I realized I have not blogged in a really long time.  I haven’t known what to say or what to share.  Then it hit me, I could write my thank you to the EMT and FireFighters who were there and helped on May 9th, 2012.  Below is my letter to them.


To whom it may concern,

I want to thank those paramedics, EMTs and Fire Fighters who were called on May 9th,2012 to help my husband, Jay Taber.

Jay was once a fire fighter and EMT in our community and so he taught me in his service how difficult the job can be.  While he was going through training, I knew my blood pressure and resting heart rate almost every day.  🙂 He knew he could and would at some time have a person’s life in his hands and he wanted to make sure he was his best.  Going  through his classes to be a fire fighter is the reason I got the artificial Christmas tree I always wanted.  It took ONE video. LOL  He came home that night and said we needed to go shopping, that his house would not go down in flames like in the video. 🙂  He would come home after a call and look mentally and physically exhausted.  There were times I could tell things had gone well, and other times where the outcome was not ideal.  Depending on the outcome, I would navigate around his feelings and let him know no matter what the outcome, I was so proud of him for wanting to help others.

I cannot imagine how difficult it was to get back in your vehicle and go back to work to continue your day after getting Jay to the hospital.  I commend you and salute you in how you do your job.  And again, I thank you.

I want you all to know what has been explained to me about Jay on that day.  Jay was gone before anyone had a chance to help him.  There was nothing that could have been done to save him, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you tried to do.  I know he was in the best possible hands in the situation he found himself in.

Our son is now almost 5 years old.  He was 6 months old when Jay died.  He has his daddy’s blue eyes and loves to help and be around people as much as Jay did.  I know Jay had every opportunity to stay with us because of your quick actions and skills, but life happened.

I cannot say it enough but I will say it again, thank you.  We appreciate you  and all that you did to help our family.


Alyssa and Aaron Taber