4 months

Sent to friends on 9/10/2012

Hello Again, 

4 months ago today I woke up to a new life in front of Aaron and me…it feels like it was just yesterday.  With the help of close friends I have made it through each day one at a time.  

In the last month Aaron and I have done many things, here is an update:   

Week of August 20th – We made a trip to Madison, WI where John Deere Financial has an office.  Grandma Cleveringa went with us and we had a wonderful time.  Mommy worked while Grandma and Aaron played.  J  We got to visit Great Grandma Simonson which made a great stop in driving and it is always nice to see her.  It was great to see my wonderful co-workers from WI.  

September 1st – We went to our first Iowa State Football game.  Aaron was in awe of the crowd and the game in general.  His awe and excitement was wonderful to see.  We made it to half-time and then Aaron fell asleep so we left.  GO CYCLONES!!!!

September 4th – This would have been Jay and my 8 year wedding anniversary.  The days prior and the actual day were not easy but I made it through with the love and support of many and with my mom by my side which helped immensely.   This past weekend we went up to my parents.  Aaron is a very good traveler and enjoyed seeing Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Eric and Aunt Leslie.  Plus Aaron’s Cyclones beat the Hawkeyes which always makes the weekend nice. 😉  No comment about his Greenbay Packers…just no comment.  I’m happy to report that we got our one loss out of the way so that is good.   Thank you to all that continue to support me through this difficult time.  This journey has not been easy so I appreciate your patience and kindness you have shown me.

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