Defy Gravity

So, as I sat here trying to figure out what to write about a song played on my iTunes.  It was “Defying Gravity.”  I have the version from the show Glee on my laptop.  As I sat and listened to it, I laughed and said to myself “You ask, you shall receive.”

This song was my anthem early in my grief journey.  If I was feeling down about something, I would try to listen to this song.  Listening to it literally lifted my spirit.  It was in that moment that I would look for one thing, not 10 things but just one thing to help lift me up in that moment.

You see, I was trying to defy the gravity of my grief.  Defy the gravity of the emotion that was taking me down.  The song reminded me that I could do it.  I had done it before, this day was not any different.  It was my positive trigger that reminded me to get back up.

What is your positive trigger to get you back up and moving?

How do you defy the gravity of “life”?

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