So the other day while on vacation in Arizona, I went golfing with my father, brother and husband.  

I have found my love for the game of golf again.  I was never going to be a pro golfer by any means, but I did enjoy golfing in high school and found it a great source of exercise.  When I went to college, moved for a career and married golf wasn’t a thought in my mind.  

Kelby brought golf back into my life and since then we have enjoyed a course here close to home but have also made the effort to golf in the cities we travel too.  While golfing with these three men in my life (who are definitely better golfer than me), I started to see an analogy of golf to this journey we call life.  

When I first started golfing again, I was blessed because my dad had an old set of clubs he let me use, so I did.  I had to adjust my swing (what I remembered of it) but they got me on the course without me renting or buying new just incase I didn’t like it now as I did before.  I later bought a new set that fit my height and my swing. 

As I sat in the cart in the beautiful Arizona weather, I thought about life and golf.  You see, the three guys all had their own set of clubs.  They were unique to them.  Kelby being left handed made his unusable to my dad or brother.  My dad golfs the most out of all of us, so he has had much more practice then any of us.  We all have a different swing.

What does that mean?  In life, we all have a different set of “clubs.”  Some people are strong off the tee box, others have an amazing short game.  (for those non golfers this is chipping onto the green and putting)  Some slice or hook it in the rough.  Sometimes, we forget to watch where our golf ball goes and have to drop a new golf ball close to where we think we lost it.  Some people navigate towards the sand traps.  We want to go into the trap, grab the golf ball and throw it out so we don’t have to hit it out of the sand.  Sometimes it takes more than one swing to get it out and sand goes everywhere.  And then there are others who think it is good hygiene for our golf balls to go into the water features. For those who didn’t catch the sarcasm in that last statement, trust me it is there.   I may or may not have an issue with sand and water when golfing. 

What this proves is although we may all have a putter, but from where our ball is on the green, we may approach our swing differently.  Depending on our strengths we may all be in the same place on the course, but we use a different numbered club, swing differently and have a different outcome.  

This is life as I saw it while sitting in a golf cart in Mesa, Arizona.  

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