His decision

the comment that made our jaw drop

This weekend we stayed at a hotel one night and were able to hang out with some of our friends that are more like family.  

On Sunday morning,  Kelby, Aaron and I were discussing how much fun it was to have them visit us the night before.  In conversation we were explaining why we called them the [their last name] family.  Kelby said to Aaron, “you know like your last name is Taber” and without any kind of prompt or hesitation Aaron rebuttals back with “We are the Steuhm family, daddy.”  Aaron obviously has Jay’s last name.  I hyphenated for my own reasons noted in a previous blog.  But if jaws could actually drop, our jaws would have been on the floor.  

Aaron is 7 but the one thing I vowed when I began this part of our journey that he would have input into how things progressed.  He was the first to call Kelby “daddy.”  

Today his decision was that we are the Steuhm Family.  I am good with his decision.  

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