Just be nice

The world today makes it really easy for anyone to voice their opinion about anyone, anything and anywhere.  They can be down right cruel.

Just because someone doesn’t have your same opinion.  Or because they aren’t cheering for the same team.  Or because they are not like or look like you.

If you have read any popular singers Facebook post and looked at any of the comments there are so many mean hearted comments.  If you have ever watched a political ad, there are more negative about the opponent than good about the person paying for the ad.  It was a Facebook post of a singer I am following.  A positive post lead to such terrible comments below.  “You suck.” “I don’t like your singing.” The comments go on.

It sucks.  It all sucks.  So many people have just decided they want to be mean vs. nice.  I get it honestly.  Sometimes mean is easier than nice.  In this society there is so much negativity, why do we expect it be different in the way people think and express.  With our children we call it bullying.  We say stop bullying.  I couldn’t agree more.  The problem is, this bullying isn’t just with our children.  Adults bully as well.  We all see more negative than positive.

It is a circle.  A never ending circle that until an action or reaction is stopped it will continue.  Be the change.  Be positive.  People aren’t exactly like you.  Be happy about that.  This fact makes you unique and that is a cool thing.  A positive attitude will get you so much farther away from a negative situation than a negative attitude.  People won’t necessarily think like you.  That is OK.  Instead of telling me negative about the way I see things, tell me more and more positive things about the way you think about it.

Stop being negative and bullying this world.  Make it simple.  Just be nice.

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