Music is good for the soul

Exercise is good for the body and music is good for the soul.  You will have to have some serious evidence otherwise to make me change my mind.

Once I started doing serious training with a personal trainer and moving more, I started to feel so much better.  Exercise tones the body and clears the mind.  But that isn’t what I am blogging about today.

Music.  Early on I would rack my brain trying to find the “signs” that Jay had to be sending me.  I would look for pennies…feathers…and there was nothing.  I was getting frustrated because I deserved some kind of sign.  Some way of him telling me things were OK.  That we would be OK.  And then one day I stopped looking and started listening.  Let me back up a little bit and tell you Jay LOVED music.  He would go to many concerts a year to watch people and bands perform.  He didn’t always enjoy all music like I do but nonetheless he loved music.  It calmed him.  It allowed him to focus.  So when I started to listen it made sense that music would be his sign to me.  I always loved music too but that part of me that enjoyed it so much died when Jay died.  And then slowly I began to love it again.  Music calmed me.  It cleared my head of the clutter from the day and then I could listen to all the elements of the song.  I could hear the drums..the guitars and most importantly the words.

This past Saturday night I had an opportunity to go to an Iowa State Fair concert that had the following bands performing: Plain White Ts, Daughtry and the Goo Goo Dolls.  I sat there with my cousin listening to the music and I think I zoned in on the music for most if not all the concert.  I was listening to the words.  My mind was clear and I felt like I was having a conversation .  3 different bands song lyrics around love, life and how women had done them wrong does not make a conversation right?  I disagree.  I look at the pictures of me during the concert and after the concert.   Say what you will about signs and about music but my belief is that if you are willing to really listen…music is good for the soul.

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