No time to be sick

As slowly as the first day of spring arrived, Aaron and I quickly caught what appears to be the spring cold.

The whole time I could see and feel Aaron not feeling well I got anxious.  It is not fun to have a sick child.  I don’t have time for him to be sick.  I don’t have time nor do I want to be sick.  It does not fit into my/our schedule.

Unfortunately saying this and having it happen are two different things.  Aaron caught the cold.  I caught the cold.  I worked from home on Friday and in the middle of the day got Aaron and myself to our chiropractor to see if we could nip the cold in the butt.  Having a sick child is not fun…having a sick child on the weekend is terrible.

I have had a few of my friends say to me “Alyssa…my husband is gone a lot but I do not know how you do it all by yourself.”

All I can tell you is that I just do.  And as I type that I know this isn’t the whole story.  The truth is I have people. Lots of them.  I have opened my heart and my life to many people.  In return I have many people I can call when things happen or when I have questions.  I have allowed people to join me in our journey.

And truth be told, this weekend when Aaron wasn’t feeling well and I started to not feel well I kept saying over and over in my head “I don’t have time for this…I don’t have time for this.”  It doesn’t always work.  But sometimes life cuts me some slack and realizes I have no time to be sick.

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