RIP Robin Williams.

Today the world lost a wonderful actor. Robin Williams.  The first thing I said to myself when I saw it on Facebook was “No…not Robin.”  It was then that I started to go through all of the movies he was in and remembered laughing many times.  I smiled reliving his way he made me feel and laugh.

I then thought of his wife…now a widow.  At the time I didn’t realize that he had been married 3 times but when I found that information I hoped they were all surrounded by the support they will need in the days to come. Then his children.  At the time I did not know how many he had but I figured he had at least one.  They are now without their father.  My hope is they have the strength around them to go through what they will in the days to come.  And in the years to come, I hope they have great memories to hold on to with their dad.

As the night has gone on the news has spread like a wild fire.  So many are saddened by this loss.  What I find inspiring is that 99% of the people that are saddened by his death never met him in person.  We watched him in the movies or on TV but never met him in person.  How can people be so saddened?  The answer is easy.  They are saddened because they will miss the way he made them feel.  They remember the way they laughed or cried while watching him act.  They have happy memories such as first dates, anniversaries or just a relaxing night in front of the TV connected to him doing what he loved to do.  Connected to his life.  People will for days talk about what their favorite Robin Williams movie was.  They will recall scenes from those movies and smile.

As I googled Robin Williams I was able to read more about this life.  His life was not perfect.  But he lived it.  And most importantly, he made people smile.  He made us laugh.  All of the things that happened in his life and what are people talking about after his death?…the way he made them feel.

I can still 2 years later hear it in people’s words and see it in their eyes about Jay.  Life wasn’t perfect, but many were left with not the imperfection but the way he made them feel.  And 99% of the time, people smile having met or knowing Jay.

It is a challenge we should all accept.  To leave a legacy not by what we do or what happens in our life, but how we make people feel.  It is my mission in my life, to leave legacy of helping others and making them smile.  To leave those that didn’t meet me wishing they had and those who did meet me or know me glad that they did.

When the time comes, this is the way to leave.  Walk off the stage we call life having not taken a last bow but leaving the crowd giving you a standing ovation.

You will be missed.  RIP Robin Williams.

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