Salt water

Today I posted a picture on my FB page.  It said the cure to anything is salt water…sweat, tears or a sea. It was something like that.   I posted it because in this time of my life this is absolutely true.

When I get a great workout in I sweat.  After that workout I feel great.

When I am extra emotional, facing a hard part of my journey or just need to let some things go I cry.  After a good cry I feel great.

When I have needed to just get away, I have gone to somewhere warm  As close to a big body of water as possible.  To enjoy the nice weather.  To enjoy listening to the waves.  After a fun trip, I feel great.

When I feel great, I feel cured.  Cured of everything that is currently causing me stress, anxiety or hurt.

There is truth to the statement…the cure to anything is salt water.

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