Speeding isn’t worth it

So here is a moment of truth.  The other day when I was meeting my mom to get Aaron I was literally 2 minutes away from our meeting place and I look in my rear view mirror and see lights flashing.  I pull over.  A nice State Patrol officer walks up and explains why he pulled me over.  Yes my mother told me not to rush…not to speed to be exact but I did anyway.  I was anxious to get Aaron back.  I was in a hurry to be back at my house in time for the babysitter to be there for the night and I was ready to get more stuff done in the house.  I had a deadline to get to the meeting spot.  I had a deadline to get back home.

The officer took my information back to his car, sat for a few minutes and came back ultimately with a ticket.  He could have given me a bigger ticket so I felt blessed that he only gave me what he did.  I signed his form and said “I am so sorry officer.  Thank you.  Have a good rest of your day.”  I was blessed with the ticket.  Sound a little weird huh?  A monetary reminder to slow down.  I’ve already had the life altering reminder so I’ll take the monetary one in this situation.

Slow down and enjoy the scenery.  Take time being kind to others.  Stop when you are told to stop.  When there is an accident, slow down and give the people room incase they need it.   When you come up on a construction zone be careful.  If you are stropped in traffic, be patient because soon you will be moving.

Kind of funny how getting a speeding ticket made me think about life huh?  The first thought that actually went through my mind was “I’ve been speeding the whole way…why did you have to wait until right before I am where I need to be?”  Ironically, that is EXACTLY what I thought 19 years ago when I got my last speeding ticket.  It made me laugh.

So my advice tonight is this…slow down…speeding isn’t worth it.

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