Things about me #2

I recently purchased a book called “642 things to write about me” by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto.  It isn’t a book that you read…it is a book you answer questions.  This has already proven to be giving me PLENTY of content for this blog.  Here is to hoping it gets me through my writers block.

I won’t be going in any particular order but here is the first question I am going to answer from the book.

“Describe an accident you’ve been in.  Were you at fault?  Who was?  What excuses were made?  What were the lasting consequences?”

This was an easy question for me.  You see in March of 2013 I was in an accident.  Tt wasn’t my fault.  I honestly I have no idea why it happened (I have only guesses) other then I was turning left at a busy corner in the metro.  When I got through the corner I was slowing to a stop at a new stop light that had just been installed.  I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a car coming right at me and not slowing down.  I turned my steering wheel left and as the vehicle hit me it sent me across the one lane of traffic then through a small hill grass median and then 3 other lanes of traffic on the other side of the 4 lane divided road.  I had just picked Aaron up from daycare.  He was rear facing so he had little injury to him but with how hard we were hit, he was a very scared little boy.  This happened at 4:30PM in the afternoon.  This time of day on this particular intersection usually has lots of traffic.  On this particular day, there was no oncoming traffic coming when I went across the road.  Had there been, the outcome would have been much worse I imagine.

I remember getting out of my vehicle one I came to a stop facing the wrong way on the road.  The driver that hit me as well as the driver from the car that was in front of me were walking down to see if I was OK.  I grabbed Aaron from his carseat knowing Jay would have told me to keep him in there until the paramedics got there.   In that moment, all I wanted was to hold my baby and in calming him, hopefully calm all the emotion I felt in that moment.   We walked to the back of my vehicle and I said “It doesn’t look like there is much damage to my vehicle.”  The driver of the car that was in front of me said “Your spare wheel is still up there” and pointed to their vehicles up the hill.  In the end, I think he was thankful it dislodged my spare tire because the driver who hit me didn’t hit her breaks until after I “left the lane” so my tire slowed the impact to his vehicle.

I remember calling a friend of mine in panic since they were on their way to our house for dinner and saying “We won’t be there for awhile, we got into an accident.”  When they got to the store on the corner and were looking for us, she called me and said, “I don’t see you…where are you?”  My response still makes me laugh, “I am on the other side of the road facing the other way.”   Their response was even funnier when I think of it now.  “Well…what are you doing over there silly?   That is the wrong way.”

The last consequence I guess would be first that I am always super careful at that intersection and second that I believe in the angels that watch over us.  There is usually lots of traffic in what would have been oncoming traffic for us that day.  I had just thought about when to turn Aaron to be front facing and because I was procrastinating it, it saved him so much pain…maybe even his life.  Now, my chiropractor is no longer allowed to tell me my back is the best he has seen it, because he said this 2 weeks or so before the accident and it just makes me laugh thinking he jinxed me.  Although that statement made my whiplash heal faster, so there is that.  🙂

In a way, I believe this accident was a way to wake me up to a few things going on in my life.   It was a lesson in many ways and the lesson was heard, understood and acknowledged…if not in that exact moment, within the next year.

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